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Telescopic Steel Cover Wipers

Way wipers for telescopic covers as well as sliding elements, e.g. apron covers, are used to support the covers even in the most difficult machining environments. High temperatures, hot chips, high abrasion, and chemical decomposing environments demand the most suitable materials and attentive fabrication.

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C Series (C, C2, C3, C5, C6) »

  • Designed for telescoping steel covers
  • Same wiper lip design for all C-series wipers
  • Highly wear-resistant polyurethane lips ensuring optimum resistance to water, coolants, chemicals and oil
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CL1 »

  • Usable for large surfaces and aluminum apron systems for manifold applications
  • Will wipe uneven surfaces up to 4 mm
  • Highly durable and resistance against all common coolants
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eN »

  • Used on telescopic steel covers for slideways with small cross-sections
  • Wiper lip vulcanized to a flat steel profile
  • Highly wear-resistant polyurethane lip, resistant to oil, coolants and microbes
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F (mini) »

  • Compact wiper with a height of only 11.5 mm
  • Especially useful where space is limited, e.g. on extractors or slides
  • The wiper lip is vulcanized on a steel profile