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Telescoping Cover Wipers

Telescopic Wiper (C-Series) C-Series Wipers Catalog »

Way wipers for telescopic covers as well as sliding elements are used to support the covers to fulfill the most difficult requirements. High temperature (hot chips), high abrasive, and chemical decomposing environment demand the most suitable materials and an attentive fabrication.

  • Available in standard or custom profiles.
  • Optional 2.5mm preload compensates for uneven surfaces
  • Excellent technical support                                        
    • Various types in-stock


C Series

  • Same design for all types of C wipers
  • Highly wear-resistant polyurethane lips ensuring optimum resistance to water, coolants, chemicals and oil
  • Various Shore hardnesses available as required (dry, fluid and mixed machining, as well as native oils)

C2 Series

  • Smallest wiper of the “C” series Replaceable wiper lips
  • Very little space required (regarding the mounting height and depth)
  • Also available with a rubber profile vulcanized on the profiled support, for optimum damping properties at high traverse speeds

C3 Series

  • Wider profile to ensure a better adhesion when spot welding it to the box
  • Replaceable wiper lips
  • Very little space (mounting height) required
  • Can be screwed onto the cover box
  • Optimum rigidity of the cover box in the wiper area
  • Available with and without damper

C5 Series

  • Designed for large covers
  • Replaceable wiper lips
  • A combination of C5 and C3 wipers is possible
  • Optimum rigidity of the cover box in the wiper area
  • Enlarged return gutter to ensure a rapid draining of the coolant
  • Available with and without damper

eN Series

  • Used on telescoping steel covers for slideways with small cross-sections
  • Wiper lip vulcanized to a flat steel profile
  • Highly wear-resistant polyurethane lip, resistant to oil, coolants and microbes
  • Standard length of the eN way wiper: 500 mm