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Telescopic Steel Covers

Telescopic steel covers provide durable protection of slideways and precision machine components from all types of chips and coolant. Optional components can be integrated to improve durability speed, and access to the machine.

All cover shapes, mounting options, and wiper systems can be customized to meet your requirements.


  • High grade steel sheets - 1.5mm to 3 mm thick
  • Wiper systems (for clean wiping of the slideways and cover boxes)
  • All cover shapes, mounting options, and wiper systems can be customized to meet your requirements


  • Surface treated stainless steel (corrosion proof)
  • Heavy duty, walk-on configuration (with tread plates for grip)
  • Gliders and / or rollers
  • Lifting lugs (for large/heavy covers)
  • Integral gutters (for coolant diversion)
  • Wedge dampeners
  • Scissors (for smooth operation depending on speed and size of application)
  • Guide rails & way extensions
  • Bumpers (for impact dampening)


  • Economical
  • Frequently used
  • Rigid
  • Deflects coolant
  • Economical
  • Defelcts coolant
  • Rigid
  • Deflects coolant
Hip Roof
  • Extremely rigid
  • Ideal for large covers


  • Any standard shape is available in a vertical format
Cross Rail
  • Any standard shape is available in cross-rail format
Dual Axis
  • Flat cover
  • Multi-axis motion
Vertical Slide
  • Does not require slideways
Telescoping Springs

Service & Repair

  • Repairs for all Hennig and non-Hennig way covers
  • Same-day turn-around on diagnosis and repair estimates
  • Reverse engineering of existing way covers
  • Fast, local access to spare parts and supplies
  • Customer training for in-house way cover repair
  • Service and repair of Hennig Chip Conveyors
  • Preventive maintenance service contracts available
  • Service initiated within 48 hours in most locations
  • On-site services available
  • 90-day warranty on parts and labor

We provide repairs and replacement parts for all the products we sell. With our experienced technicians, it doesn’t matter who manufactured the original product, the end result absolutely must meet Hennig standards for quality and safety before we will consider it finished.

We have service centers worldwide; to find a repair center near you, refer to the Global Service Centers page.