Hennig produces many types of Telescopic Steel Covers

Telescoping Steel Covers / Types

All forms are made from rolled high-grade steel sheets from 1.5 mm to 3 mm thick. Corrosion-proof stainless steel can be used for extreme conditions (e.g. aggressive coolant). Depending on the fittings, speeds of up to 100 m/min can be attained by steel covers of all shapes.

Way wipers, guides, rollers and damping elements are interchangeable. Gutters (preventing coolant entering the boxes) can be included in the design of different models.

FLAT - Type AA

The flat, u-shaped design represents the best economical solution for the protection of slideways.


ROOF - Type BB

The roof-shaped design deflects coolant and swarf on either side, depending on the angle of incline. Additionally, the peak provides higher rigidity and perfect guidance of the boxes.



The slope of this design ensures the diversion of coolant and swarf in one direction, depending on the angle of incline.



The flat-roof form is used for broad covers to provide maximum rigidity of the box surfaces.



The pent-roof design meets special geometric requirements and improves the draining of coolant and swarf, depending on the angle of incline. The additional folded edge increases the stability of the individual box surfaces and improves the ratio between the width and depth of the boxes to ensure correct guiding of the cover.



Vertical covers can be manufactured in Types AA to EE above. When using more than 3 boxes, however, it is necessary to provide additional grips on the back to keep the covers from disengaging.



In this type of cover, the individual plates slide in separate guide rails. Since these types of covers do not require slideways, they are particularly suited for the protection of column recesses. In the presence of swarf and coolant, the vertical sliding plate covers can only be mounted vertically. The guide rails are available in various materials to meet individual requirements.



Cross-rail covers can be manufactured in models 1 to 5 above. For more than 3 boxes, however, it is necessary to provide an additional return at the top slideway to prevent the individual boxes from tilting or disengaging.