Hennig Custom Folded Bellows are available in several types

Folded Bellows / Designs


Round Bellows

We make bellows with round, oval or rectangular (with rounded off corners) cross-sections using a special sewing method. Support rings will be used to meet special requirements and applications. Due to their robust design, these bellows have a long and reliable service life, even under extreme mechanical and dynamic strain. The temperature resistance of these bellows can be increased to approx. 752 °F (400 °C) when using an aluminized fabric.


Glued Bellows - Can Be Adapted to Any Shape

Glued bellows consist of up to three foils glued together in sandwich construction. Special shapes such as polygonal bellows, bellows with negative folding in the opposite direction, or bellows with small fold widths, can be easily constructed. Our special gluing process means that our glued bellows provide maximum protection, even against liquids.


Fixed Stainless Steel-Clad Bellows – A Solid Solution

Hennig has developed steel-clad bellows to meet special requirements. This bellows type way cover fills the gap between telescopic steel covers and conventional bellows. Our stainless steel-clad bellows are made with our special heat-sealed or stitched process. Each fold has its own guide frame which is attached to the cover material.  Stainless Steel cladding protects the bellows against red-hot debris, sharp-edged swarf, or mechanical strain.


Hinged Steel-Clad Bellows – When Space is Limited

Do you need vertically mounted bellows? Without steel-cladding overhang? Our stainless steel-clad bellows with hinged steel plates are the perfect solution for you. Each steel plate is flexibly attached to the PVC frame allowing the plates to lie flat on the bottom of the machine enclosure.


The Perfect Combination – 3-Sided Steel-Cladding

These folded bellows with stainless steel cladding on three sides combine the advantages of telescopic steel covers with folded bellows.  This steel cladding protects the bellows on each side, preventing damage from hot, sharp chips or mechanical strain. Thanks to an ideal ratio between the extended and the compressed length, and compact dimensions because our steel cladding has no overhang, our stainless steel-clad bellows are perfectly suited to your limited space applications.