Hennig Series AGS flexible apron covers provide machine protection

Flexible Apron Covers / Series AGS

Series AGS - Mini, AGS I, AGS II

  • Stable and flexible protection when space is limited
  • Made of anodized aluminum precision profiles which are positively interlocked
  • Special hinges prevent coarse dirt from entering and allow self-cleaning during the movement
  • Withstands high ambient temperatures
  • Resistant to corrosion by using anodized aluminum
  • High strain resistance, even in long lengths



  • Interchangeability of individual lamellas
  • Side guides not required
  • The AGS mini, AGS I and AGS II differ in their profile cross sections and loading capacity
  • The AGS I and AGS II are available with protruding or flat head rivets. The standard version comes with protruding rivets (2 mm on either side)