Series 53

Flexible Apron Covers / Series 53

Metal-clad Aprons

SERIES 53 apron covers are highly flexible and designed for optimum protection against swarf and falling work pieces, especially suited for extreme working conditions.
The extensive feature set of the Series 53 includes:

  • Sufficient protection for high volumes of swarf (e.g. at lathe tool posts)
  • Carrier material made of high-tensile polyester fabric, coated with polyester on both sides, and combined with an aluminium coated heat resistant material
  • Reinforced on both sides with steel, brass or aluminum plates
  • Highly resistant against oil, grease, coolants and hot swarf (contact temperature of up to +300°C)
  • Splash-proof according to IP 54
  • Space saving - Small coil radius
  • Easy assembly