Remove Cast Iron Chips and Iron Fines with Disc Filtration System

Cast Iron CDF

Economical filtration for cast iron machining is easy as 1…2…3.

Until now, there’s simply never been a reliable, economical and effective way to filter cast iron chips and ‘fines’ from coolant. Cast iron fines are notoriously hard to remove, requiring manufacturers to use expensive vacuum filters, drum filters, or replaceable media to try to extend coolant life and prevent iron fines from recirculating back to the machine. Vacuum filters are expensive and unreliable. The cost of removal, replacement and disposal of paper filters has skyrocketed. Cyclonic filters are a poor alternative because of their high maintenance requirements.

With the introduction of the Hennig Cast Iron CDF Filtration System, users now can apply a proven, self-cleaning, permanent-media filtration technology to their cast iron machining operations to eliminate even large volumes of cast-iron chips and iron fines from recirculating coolant without the use of disposable filter media. Better yet, the new system uses the patented Hennig CDF (Chip Disc Filtration) technology, featuring a simple, economical, and highly effective design proven in hundreds of installations worldwide. Plus, the new Hennig filtration system can easily accommodate other material types in addition to cast iron.