Hennig chip conveyor types include hinge-belt, scraper or magnetic

Chip Conveyor / Types

Three Common Formats

Most shop applications can be satisfied with hinge-belt, scraper or magnetic type conveyors. 

Hennig specializes in all three, using the same quality control measures across design and production.


Hinge-type chip conveyor

Hinge-belt chip conveyors (or hinge conveyors), the most common format, offer an effective means of managing heavy chip loads and stringy chips. Chips that fall from the machine tool land on the conveyor belt and are conveyed away from the machine tool’s precision surfaces.


Scraper-type chip conveyor

Scraper-type chip conveyors are most often used for cast iron, bronze or brass machining, which produces smaller chips that can nest together. Chips fall directly to the bottom of the conveyor, and scrapers drag debris to the discharge end of the conveyor.


Magnetic-type chip conveyor

Magnetic chip conveyors are intended for ferrous material applications with small chips. The chips fall onto the conveyor’s stainless steel surface and are conveyed by powerful magnets moving underneath. The chips are released from the magnets at the discharge end, and fall freely into a collection container.