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MicroFIN Modular Bellows

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Lightweight, interlocking steel fins connect modularly without requiring a folded bellow for support.

Modular design allows for extremely high compression, fast travel, and easy maintenance.  MicroFIN bellows are made from metal plates, so they offer better protection against chips, weld splatter, and hot swarf than coated fabric bellows.

Maximum Compression

Expand your entire machine stroke with microFIN bellows.  Newly designed microFIN plates interlock with each other, enabling a compression of 2.4mm per lamella. 

Anti-Scratch Coating

A unique coating is added to each fin to prevent scratching, which significantly increases the life of the cover (up to 70%).  Additionaly, the coating increases the seal against coolant and chips (available for lamellas up to 1000 mm wide)

Easy Maintenance / Part Replacement

Each lamella can be replaced individually, meaning the entire system doesn’t have to be removed or disassembled if damage is done to the cover.

Optional Fabric Cover

For 100% seal against coolants, a fabric cover can be added.  This option has all the compression benefits as the standard microFIN bellow but with better sealing.