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Machine Protection for any Application: Choosing a Supplier that’s Right for You

Machine Protection for any Application: Choosing a Supplier that’s Right for You

May 01, 2018

Machine protection is not a one-size-fits-all industry. In today’s marketplace, countless types of machinery are produced each day and the protective coverings required to keep them safe. With new machines being designed and sold, manufacturers require a machine protection supplier who can provide solutions that are tailored to customer requirements. Customized protection needs can rarely be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. Whether the situation requires a steel way cover for replacement, custom made folded bellows, or a curtain made from aluminum links or durable materials, it is essential to partner with a company with the expertise and capacity to solve unique problems quickly and correctly.

End users facing downtime, require speedy protection solutions.  They often look to the original manufacturer of the covering and hope that they can react quickly enough, so they can start cutting chips again.It is important to build a relationship with a company that is dedicated to providing quality solutions that meet the unique requirements of industrial manufacturers and are OSHA compliant. Manufacturing leaders understand that supply chain delays can drain profits, so in order to avoid surprises, they build partnerships with their suppliers. Choosing a machine protection supplier that is positioned to strategically collaborate with maintenance and purchasing will maximize supply chain efficiency and provide speedy service in emergency situations. In a competitive marketplace where the fast eat the slow, supply chain delays and downtime can strangle the output.

When our customers told us that they needed faster lead times- we listened. We measure ourselves based on how fast we can provide a quality solution, because in our industry Time is Money” . Dietmar Goellner, CEO, Hennig.

 'Think Globally, Act Locally'

Global machine builders need global suppliers. In Industrial markets, having a trusted supplier in a nearby location can be the difference between supply chain dominance and disaster. Hennig demonstrates a commitment to speed on a global scale with manufacturing locations and partnerships throughout the world. With sales and service centers throughout North America and Europe, Hennig can effectively serve a global customer from a nearby location. Working with Hennig, you get the technology you need to protect your machines and infrastructure you need to protect your competitive position.

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