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Bellow Covers

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Designed to protect guide-ways and machine components and constructed using lightweight material, bellows are ideal for fast travel applications. Their high compression ratio also makes them ideal in limited space.

Bellow types are selected based on the operating conditions - including mechanical and thermal strain on the bellows, as well as the type of chips and agents present during operation. 


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Steel Cladded Bellows (fixed or hinged) »

  • Combine the rigidity and durability of [steel way covers] with the compression and flexibility of fabric bellows.
  • Steel cladded is added to fabric bellows when: Debris is red hot / swarf is razor sharp / space is limited / applications are vertical
  • Fixed or Hinged (hinged design has overhang – good for vertical applications)
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Coated Fabric Bellows »

  • Maximum compression and flexibility in a wide range of materials for a wide range of environments.
  • Assembly options include glued, stitched, or a high frequency weld.
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Microfin Bellows »

  • Lightweight, interlocking steel fins connect moddivarly without requiring a folded bellow for support.
  • Moddivar design allows for extremely high compression, fast travel, and easy maintenance.
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Molded Rubber Bellows »

  • Water, Oil, Chemical, and Temperature resistant bellows
  • Used to protect: Lead screws / precision shafts / moving cylinders / irregdivar shaped parts
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Rubber Disk Bellows »

  • Rubber Disk Bellows are of high grade and always the best choice for industrial purposes.
  • The bellow can be produced without mold cost and are an economical solution for lower quantities.


Half Fold – outside mounting

Full Fold – inside mounting

External Flange – outside mounting above bellows

Velcro – for dry applications, quick removal

Collar – Mostly for round and rubber bellows, designed to suit your application


Material is selected based on the application / operating conditions

Decisive factors are mechanical / thermal strain and type of chips / liquids

CarrierCoating (Ext/Int)Specification #Thickness (mm)TypesWear ResistanceOil / Grease / Collant ResistanceSwarf / Weld Splatter / Forging Scale ResistanceFlame ResistanceSelf ExtinguishingSurface StabilityExtension / Compressions Ratio
    Heat SealedStitchedSteel CladRound Stitched       
Polyester PUR / PUR OZ-PUR 0.35 x x x   + + + - o ++ +
Polyester PUR / PUR ERA 7810 0.22 x x     + o o - o o ++
Kevlar PUR / PUR PUR-KEVLAR 0.36 x x x x ++ + + + + ++ +
Polyester PVC / PVC OZ-23 0.23 x x     + - - - - o ++
Polyester PVC / PVC OZ-35 0.36 x x x   + + o - o + +
Nomex ALU / - ALUM-ARAMID 0.35 x x   x + o ++ + ++ + +
Polyester PTFE / PUR PUR / TEFLON 0.3 x x x   ++ ++ o - o ++ +
Nylon NEP / NEP NEOPRENE 0.4 x x x x ++ ++ ++ - o ++ o
Nylon HYP / HYP HYPALON 0.4 x x x x + ++ o - o + o
Commonly Used MaterialsDetails
Polyurethane (PUR) Temperature Resistance up to 120° C
Polyurethane (PUR) Aluminized Temperature Resistance up to 400° C (stitched type only)
Nomex Flame Resistance. Ideal for laser machines
Kevlar High Strength. Abrasion and puncture resistant.
Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Self Extinguishing
Teflon Polytetraflourethylen (PTFE) Anti-adhesive. High chemical and thermal resilience. Corrosion proof. Dirt & water repelling.