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These flexible covers are available as a mounted apron or a spring-loaded, retractable roll-up apron.

  • Available in mounted or roll-up configurations
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Easy Assembly
  • Resistant to high temps
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Walk-On configurations available


  • Hinge
    • Aluminum profiles with polyurethane hinges
    • 25 mm bend radius
      • Aluflex
        • High flexibility in both bending directions
        • Splash proof according to IP54
        • GS20
          • When rolled out, creates a flush surface ideal for wipers
          • High torsional resistance and dimensional stability over the entire apron
  • Link
    • Anodized aluminum profiles & hinges
    • Positively interlocked
    • Withstands high ambient temps
    • High strain resistance even in long lengths
    • Walk-On versions available (AGSI & AGSII)
    • Self-cleaning during movement
    • Special hinges prevent coarse dirt and debris from entering
      • AGSI
        • 42mm bend radius
        • Walk-on spans up to 750mm
        • AGSII
          • 100mm bend radius
          • Walk-on spans up to 2500mm
        • AGSmini
          • 30mm bend radius
          • Not available as walk-on

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